Automation International, Inc. Acquisitions

Automation International announces the acquisition of AI Welders Ltd. UK of Scotland's intellectual property. AI Welders has provided metal joining machinery and metal forming systems globally for many years. This purchase adds to Automation International’s established role as an industry leader.

Automation International, Inc. announces the acquisition of Hess Industries’ Rim and Wheel Intellectual Property. The purchase aligns with Automation International’s established role as an industry leader in the design and manufacture of automated wheel production equipment.


Would the cost of a new welding machine make you walk away from a purchase? Rather than think of the cost of “right now”, think more of your company’s future profits. If a new welding equipment would turn a profit for your company, then isn’t the cost well worth it? Keep in mind that manufacturing welding equipment isn’t office equipment; it is a capital good for your company! You are purchasing this equipment to help fulfill and/or win a contract and clientele award contracts to those companies who can prove their ability to fulfill said order.

Automation International designs and produces a wide variety of automated and resistance welding machines and equipment.